If you’ve reached this page, congratulations, it probably means that you have been sent a link to this page in preparation of us coming out and photographing, videoing or 3d scanning your property for you! Follow these simple steps below to prep your space and it will mean that we won’t be intruding on you for longer than is absolutely necessary, we’ll also be able to concentrate on our jobs and not worry about that unwashed coffee cup…

Things to remember, the reason that we are coming out is because you are wanting to attract people into your property, so with this in mind, remember that a tidy space is much more welcoming than an untidy or cluttered space!

Specific tips to prep your space

Have a walk through your property and look at the areas as if you are the person that you are trying to attract. Move or hide any things that you don’t want to see, such as;

  • Rubbish bins
  • Dust those hard-to-reach places
  • Remove any streaks or marks on windows and glass surfaces
  • Loose or hanging cables and wires! If they are plugged into devices that aren’t needed for the show, pack them away (and the cables with them)
  • Consider hiding those personal photos and other items, yes, every mom has a photo of their 4 yr. old taking a bath, but it shouldn’t be on the wall…
  • Make sure that scatter cushions, rugs, curtains, blinds, and carpets are clean and straight

If you have pets see if a friend, neighbour, or family member can babysit while we are on-site. Clean up their bedding and eating areas as well. People won’t want to see other animals in (possibly) their dream home.

When you are looking around, make sure that any bedraggled looking plants are given some water and a little care. Greenery is great for making a good impression, but not “brownery”!

When we say prep your space, we mean inside and out. Photographs and video of the external areas of your property will also be taken so make sure that you sepnd some time outside as well.

While working on the plants, check your pathways and fences and fix or clean any areas that need attention.

Lighten up and set the scene in the rooms! When it comes to lighting, we will put on all lights and open most curtains and blinds, make sure that they are all working. It will stand out if a lightbulb is blown or a blind doesn’t work properly.

If your dining room looks great with the table set for a meal, then do that. Pay attention in the bathroom, nobody wants to see someone else’s toiletries, pack them away!

Quick Tips:

  • All areas
    • Clean any marks and stains
    • Make sure lights, curtains, and blinds are working
    • Remove streaks on glass
    • Do a dust wipe
    • Hide the four-legged family members’ goodies away
  • Outdoor
    • Perform any minor repairs to fences, pathways and outdoor furniture
    • Make sure outdoor looks neat and clean
    • Move the lawn
    • Clean the pool
    • Hide the bins
    • Arrange furniture to the best effect
  • Lounge areas
    • Clean and tidy
    • Hide wires
    • straighten up rugs, mats, and throws
  • Kitchen
    • Clean up clutter
    • Put away small appliances
    • No streaks on bigger appliances and work-surfaces
    • Take down kiddies’ artwork, fridge-magnets, etc
  • Bathrooms
    • Clean and dust, remove streaks from glass surfaces
    • Hide all products
    • Do some colour-matching, make the towels, cloths, etc, match the bathroom decor
  • Bedrooms
    • Make sure the decor matches
    • Make the beds
    • Hide or tidy personal areas
    • No dust or streaks!

Yes, it seems like a lot of effort, but it all adds up to a great impression in the photos, video or 360 scans that we do. Remember, the camera will pick up what you don’t want seen, hide it away! Take the time to prep the space and we’ll make sure that our work shows your property off at its best!

We look forward to meeting you and blowing you away with our service and product and passionately believe that our work will help you reach your property goals!

Do you have any queries or questions, get in touch with us!